Rezidence Oliva has completed the shell and core construction

The construction of Rezidence Oliva has reached another important milestone, which is the completion of the shell and core construction.

Work is now progressing on the insulation of the facade, internal wiring is being carried out, and internal plastering and flooring are being completed. The construction of the skylight over the atrium is also completed and the elevator technology is being installed. Everything is blooming in the adjacent Brumlovka Park, and the Rezidence Oliva is gaining its future face during the spring. The construction of the nearby Olivka building is also being completed, where the new Czech-English private kindergarten Genius will be opening in September this year. Both young and adult railway fans can now look forward to the completion of the model train of the Swiss railway on an area of over 100 m², which will be open to the general public in Olivka in the first quarter of 2023.