Above-ground construction of Oliva already underway

We cordially invite all those interested in flats in our Rezidence Oliva project to our showroom, which will be open again starting from Wednesday, 12 May 2021.

Rezidence Oliva, the construction of which started earlier this year, is growing literally in front of our eyes. Work is currently underway on the third of eight storeys, while the three underground floors have also been completed. Sales are also proceeding well, with the last eleven apartments waiting for their owners at this time. Those interested can still choose from one- to four-room layouts with kitchenettes. All the flats have balconies, a parking space in the underground garage and a spacious cellar stall. All the retail spaces on the ground floor have already been sold. In addition to Rezidence Oliva, a smaller multifunctional building called Olivka is also being built in the same architectural concept, which will expand the locality's offer with a new kindergarten, café and a unique Swiss railway model.

Those interested in an apartment can book a visit in the Rezidence Oliva showroom in the Brumlovka building.